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Sep 5, 2014. Decades before tobacco tycoon James Buchanan “Buck” Duke endowed Trinity College (now Duke University) with $40 million in 1924,

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JAMES BUCHANAN DUKE, president of the American Tobacco Company. or unwilling to disclose to a questioner facts which he prefers to hold in reserve,

DUKE, JAMES BUCHANAN James Buchanan [1] Duke (1856–1925) was a driving force in the development of the U.S. tobacco industry. Through innovative.

Staff members at The Duke Endowment have deep expertise in their fields. Fast Facts About The Duke Endowment. Private foundation founded in 1924 by industrialist and philanthropist James Buchanan Duke with an initial gift of $40.

Learn about James Buchanan Duke: his birthday, what he did before fame, his family life, fun trivia facts, popularity rankings, and more.

James Buchanan Duke: James Buchanan Duke, American tobacco magnate and philanthropist. The son of Washington Duke, who had entered the tobacco business after the American Civil War, James entered the family. Quick Facts. Duke.

Duke, James Buchanan (23 December 1856–10 October 1925), industrialist, was born in Orange (now Durham) County, North Carolina, the son of Washington.

James Buchanan Duke (December 23, 1856 – October 10, 1925) was an American tobacco and electric power industrialist best known for the introduction of.

The anti-smokers' fixation on James Buchanan Duke as the ruthless builder of. Company – Finds Undisputed Facts Sufficient to Convict Tobacco Company.

James Buchanan Duke was born near Durham, North Carolina on December 23, 1856 to Washington Duke and his second wife, Artelia Roney Duke. James B.

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Dec 4, 2009. Doris Duke's father died when she was 12 years old. James Buchanan Duke, a tobacco and energy mogul, left his daughter around $100.

James Buchanan Duke, industrialist, the youngest of the three children of Washington and Artelia Roney Duke, was born on his father's farm located a few miles.

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Nov 13, 2012. The modern cigarette came into existence in the 1880s, thanks to tobacco entrepreneur James Duke. How much responsibility does he carry?

Duke Library. The James B. Duke Memorial Library was built in 1967 in memory of James Buchanan Duke and has served the university for roughly 30 years.

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Feb 11, 2009. His son and heir, James Buchanan Duke, endowed what had become Trinity College with a huge gift in 1924 and the school changed its name.

Following a $40 million donation by Washington Duke's son, James Buchanan Duke, Trinity College expanded into Duke University in 1924. In 1910, Dr. James.

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